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Class Schedule

Using this Schedule

Schedule Organization

Our syllabus is divided into thematic books and organized by weekly “chapters,” each of which includes a set of required readings and (typically) a humanities laboratory we will complete together. Readings should be prepared (and the class prep for them committed to your fieldbook) before class on the day of the assignment.

A Key to Alerts

These red alert boxes signal a change of our typical schedule, such as meeting in a location outside the classroom or altered office hours during the week.

These orange alert boxes signal an assignment due date.

These information boxes signal the in-class lab that we will work on together. As the semester progresses I will add links to the lab assignments to these boxes. Your fieldbook reports are due within a week of a given lab session.

Book the First ☛ (re)Mediation

Chapter One: Media Messages

January 9

Introducing the class

January 11

Chapter Two: Codex

Meet in the Northeastern Archives & Special Collections, 92 Snell Library (in the basement) on January 16

January 16

January 18

  • Amaranth Borsuk, “The Book as Object” from The Book (2018)

Chapter Three: Manuscript

January 23

January 25

Chapter Four: Literacy

January 30

February 1

DUE: Dead Media Poster Presentations in class February 1

Book the Second ☛ Impression

Chapter Five: Into the Matrix

February 6

  • Amaranth Borsuk, “The Book as Content” from The Book (2018)
  • (watch) Stephen Fry, The Machine That Made Us (This video is about 1 hour long; plan accordingly!)

February 8

Chapter Six: Print Cultures

Professor Cordell away on February 15 and 20. Virtual class on February 15

February 13

February 15

Chapter Seven: Typecasting

Professor Cordell away on February 15 and 20. No class on February 20

February 22

Chapter Eight: Circulation

February 27

March 1

Interlude ☛ Spring Break

March 4-8

Book the Third ☛ Read-Write-Execute

Chapter Nine: Algorithmical

March 13

  • James Gleick, The Information (2011), chapters 4-6 (pg. 78-203)

March 15

Chapter Ten: Text as Data

March 20

March 22

Chapter Eleven: Obsolescence

March 27

March 29

+ Craig Mod, “Future Reading” (2015)

Chapter Twelve: Book Futures

April 3

April 5

+ James Gleick, The Information (2011), chapters 14, 15, and epilogue

Chapter Thirteen: Memory

Unessay discussion in class April 17

April 10

April 12

April 17