Creative Commons licensed photograph, "Underwood," by Flickr user Canned Muffins

Building a Bot

Lab #8

Most of today’s lab materials will be found in the DSG’s R Studio Server installation. I provided log-ins for you each in class. Remember that this server is only accessible from the campus network, or through a VPN if you are off campus.

For this week’s lab, you should adapt the code provided to build a Mad-lib poetry bot that uses a different poem from “The Raven.” As you do so, you should reflect on the relationship—or potential relationships—between writing and coding, computing and creativity. Where might we locate the creative act in programming, and how is it both like and unlike other kinds of creative endeavors? What role if any might computational literature play? You might think about the role of (re)appropriation, collage, and/or juxtaposition in literary works, and how these practices are continued or changed in the digital space.